Project Design, Development, and Management

You understand that keeping your business computing environment operating in a steady state is key to maintaining productive staff and a successful business. Even with diligent preventative maintenance, remote desktop support and responsive onsite support, periodic IT projects are necessary.

Successful IT projects require a delicate balance between business justification and technological expertise, and your technology capital expenditure needs to align with the requirements and goals of your business plan. In addition, you, of course, need for your business to continue to operate as seamlessly as possible while IT projects are being carried out.

Click IT’ project development process is designed to identify specific business needs and to manage your projects such that they realize tangible benefits for your organization. Our methodology allows us to tailor each project to your unique business drivers, required timeline, and budget.

The team at Technology on Premises understands the potentially complex and profound impact of a project on your computing network, and so we have designed our project methodology to minimize the impact on your daily operations while ensuring that every one of your projects is a success. We have built our process to provide the necessary levels of the organization, planning, attention to detail and overall expertise that you rightly expect.

The steps involved in Click IT’ management of an IT project include:

  1. Comprehensive needs analysis and network assessment
  2. Scope of work definition with scalable solution options
  3. Project plan build and end user communication
  4. Active project management
  5. Project verification
  6. Project close documentation report

Projects successfully undertaken by Click IT in the past include:

  • Upgrade or introduction of new servers
  • Upgrade or introduction of multiple new devices
  • Implementation of new company-wide resources, such as databases and messaging systems
  • Physical office relocations
  • Design and build-out of new office space IT networks
  • Implementation of off-site disaster recovery or data replication solutions
  • Spam blocking solutions
  • E-fax solutions
  • Email archiving

Click IT provides IT Project Management that you can depend on.