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Support Center

Welcome to the Technology on Premises Support Center
Please use the following contact information for technical support requests only. For all other inquiries please use the information and form on the Contact Us page.

What are the Hours of Operation at Technology on Premises?
Our normal business hours are Monday - Friday. 8:30am to 5:30pm EST. Service calls submitted after 1pm EST may be scheduled on the following business day.

How do I get support at Technology on Premises?
When you have an computer issue or a question, you have several ways to contact our support team and report your issues and requests. The Customer Portal is the best way to request support, check on existing Service Requests and to update and annotate the existing Service Requests.

How do I get EMERGENCY support at Technology on Premises?
If you have an emergency issue, you must call 212-953-0400 and provide your Name, Company, Phone Number and a brief description of the issue. A technician will contact you immediately.

How to Get Help at Technology on Premises

  1. From a Managed Desktop
    To submit a Help Desk Service Request from a managed desktop, right click and choose Create Service Ticket on the TOP Managed Services grey circle icon in the system tray of your PC. This is in the lower right hand corner of the screen.
  2. Helpdesk:
    Enter and review your requests directly in the Customer Portal. This is the best and simplest way to enter a new Service Request. Just go to the Client Login area on and login. We record and update everything here and we share it with you to review when you want. Send us an email with your desired password and we will setup an account and notify you.
  3. Email
    Email a Service Request onto our Service Board. When you send an email to, the email is automatically entered on our service board and we are notified. You should use the Customer Portal to check on your Service Requests. Please do not send another email to to check on your Service issues; each email to that address starts a new Service Request. Help us Help you. Include this information in your email:

    • Good description of the problem in the body & a good summary of the problem on the email subject line.
    • Screenshot. Screenshots tell us a lot.
    • Error message. If you get an error message, open it up and cut/paste it into your email.
  4. Phone 440-247-4998
    Please use this choice sparingly or if it is an emergency. You will either speak with one of our Support Team members or be able to leave a message. The message is automatically put on our Service Board and a technician will contact you shortly.
  5. Submit a Support Request (include name, company, email, phone, subject, description and send it to

Submit a Support Request

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